Snooze event cannot be read

Hello, I am able to snooze an incident through API. But is there any way I can read a snooze event when it is triggered. Is there any API for that? If not, then any other way I can do this?


If you Get a snoozed incident via the REST API, you will see that it is always in an “Acknowledged” state / status. I’m afraid it isn’t possible to further determine if an acknowledged incident is in the status its in due to having been snoozed by Getting or Listing incidents.

If you get the Log Entries for an incident, however, you can reference a snooze_log_entry which can be an indicator of whether an incident had been snoozed. This log entry will say who had snoozed the incident as well as how long and via what channel.

I do hope the log entries endpoint works for your needs!