SlackOps for PagerDuty

Very excited to have finished a blog series on Operationalizing PagerDuty Incident Response in Slack! I love Slack and I’m sure may you do too. Regardless of your feelings it is a powerful tool for facilitating a more effective incident response process. The series I wrote details how to operationalize several of the key aspects of incident response detailed in PagerDuty’s Incident Response Documentation using Slack and RigD. Here are the general topics.

  • Simplifying opening an incident via Slack
  • Finding who’s on call from Slack
  • Automating opening a Slack channel or thread for each incident
  • Automating incident updates through Slack
  • Setting an incident commander and running a triage from Slack
  • Automating Postmortems in Slack

I also used the recent ROI study to demonstrate the time and costs savings that once can realize. The end result surprised even me, almost $500,000 in avoided outage costs and over 2,000 hours of time.
I hope some or all of it will prove useful, and thanks to those from the community here who shared their experiences to help us deliver key capabilities. If you are using Slack and have PagerDuty you really need to spare some time to review. Please share your thoughts and reach out if you have ideas or challenges in this area.