Slack query first escalation oncall?

Question: For a Slack channel that is linked to PagerDuty, is there a way to query who is on call in the first escalation of the PagerDuty’s service policy? From our Slack channel, we are already using the command ‘/pd oncall’ to query who is on call in our PagerDuty service, but it would be very helpful to also be able to query who is on call for the first escalation. In our PagerDuty service’s escalation policy coverage schedule, our on-call list is populated by technical folks and our escalation is populated by our managers. We want to be able to query which manager is on call at any given time. If this feature is not available, may I request it for a future release?


Hey Karl G, we have made just for this . You can check and we are adding further integrations too. Do check it out