Slack on-call command behavior?

We have a use-case where an additional temporary schedule was included to support a service over a specific period of time, with the existing schedule moved the second layer to act as another escalation level.

I noticed that as the first schedule was not 24/7 but the second layer was the Service, in the Web UI, would always show someone on-call however when using the /pd oncall command this would only look at the first schedule/layer of the escalation policy resulting in no return in Slack outside of the on-call time for the first layer only.
Seems that despite the service recognising someone was oncall, enabling incidents to be created and someone notified via the escalation policy, the PD oncall command is not setup to return the same value.
Is this known behavior and are their any existing requests to review if it is possible to enhance this feature?

Hi George, thanks for sharing these details!

It does seem like our /pd oncall Slack command only uses looks at the first level of the escalation policy to determine who is on-call.

We’ve relayed this to our engineering team to review as it would definitely be more ideal to use the first level in the escalation policy that has users on-call rather than the first level only.

We don’t have an ETA on when this will be enhanced but have let them know and can update you once we hear back!

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