Slack integration per escalation policy

Currently, we have a service that goes through different groups of people in escalation policy. Is it possible to have Slack notify different channels based on the escalation policy instead of just the service?

Hi Maky,

Thanks for writing in! Only one Escalation Policy can be associated to a Service at a time, so in a way, you can have Slack notify different channels based on Escalation Policy, but it would still have to go through the Service associated to the Escalation Policy.

Otherwise, I would be happy to file a feature request for you around this! Can you describe further how notifying on Escalation Policy would be preferable to just a Service?

Hi Nick,
Sorry that I may have used the wrong terminology here. I have an escalation policy that has different groups of people (schedules). Each group has their own private slack channel. With the current slack integration, I’d have to notify all the parties at the same time even though the specific group isn’t paged yet. Ideally, I would only want to notify their slack channel when the specific schedule is being paged

Hi Maky,

Thanks for clarifying! Totally understand your use-case now.

I have submitted this as a feature request with our product team. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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I would like this feature as well because there is no way to send slack messages for events associated with our “Default” policy.