Slack integration not working in threads

Hi there!

It appears that you cannot use /pd commands within a slack thread. However, in our use case we would like to be able to do just that - specifically /pd oncall. This would be useful for us to get a mention to the person currently working on call to get their attention for a specific message.
Right now, we would have to use /pd oncall somewhere outside of the thread to figure out who’s on call and then mention them manually in the thread were we wanted to mention them in the first place.

Is there any workaround and/or is a fix for this planned?

HI Alina,

Thanks for reaching out on community and sorry for the delay. We currently cannot offer this functionality as Slack does not yet support it. We will do our best to incorporate the ability to run slash commands with our app as soon as we have the functionality open to us.

Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.