Slack Early Access Program 2021

HI! :wave: Iā€™m Mya, an integration product manager here at PagerDuty, and I would like to personally invite you to participate in the latest Slack Early Access program. This is open to all current PagerDuty customers on all price plans.

PagerDuty for Slack allows users to drive real-time operations, collaborate with one another, and perform PagerDuty incident actions.

New Features

  • Enable customers to create Slack channel connections via API
  • Admins/Account Owners can manage Slack Connections via a centralized web page
  • Connect a PagerDuty team to a Slack Channel for team incident management
  • Many-to-Many Slack Workspace to PD Account Connection
  • Creating a Stakeholder Update from Slack UI
  • Viewing Stakeholder Update in Slack Channel

Participation Requirements

  • A PagerDuty Admin or Account Owner account
  • Configured Slack app that is currently in use
  • Slack Permissions to complete authorization

How to get started!

  • Fill out the FORM and we will reach out with next steps.

More Early Access details available HERE.

New to PagerDuty? Learn more about our PagerDuty + Slack integrations HERE.


Iā€™m looking forward using these new features