Slack add service connection permissions

Since upgrading to the slack v2 next generation, we have an issue where people cannot create new slack connections when they used to be able to in the old integration. The “Add connection” button is greyed out for team managers on the slack add-on screen. The integration guide does not mention the permissions required to add new connections.

Generally, the guide is not easy to follow and it is not clear which parts of it are legacy vs next generation of the integration (for example it has a section on configuring the slack extension on a service which is no longer possible)

Hello Matthew,

Following the Migration, Slack Channels are no longer created at the Service level but at the Workspace Level. Please find more details regarding this here.
There are restrictions around roles for who can create such connections.

We would not want you to share account-specific details here but if you can email such details about the account including the affected users to, we will be happy to take a look.