Simplest way to send emails to external teams?

Hi team,

What should be the best possible and simplest way to alert external teams which are not on PD? We simply want to be able to email them with the call details and incident details.

is it possible under Response Play?


Thanks for reaching out on our community page. Are you looking to have these users get a full email notification of an active Incident or just receive status updates like our stakeholder users provides? Ultimately these Users details will need to be apart of a users notification rule or have their own role like Stakeholder to be notified.


Hi John, thanks for your prompt response.
We’re talking about full email/status updates (both possibilities, we are still not sure about which one yet).
Even as subscribers to the incident, It still means though the users need to be populated on pager duty. I was expecting more about just email a Distribution list that doesn’t need to be managed on PD.


If the proposed recipients are not users in PagerDuty, notifications can be sent to them. They would need to be a type of user, either stakeholders or actual users for them to be notified about an Incident.
I hope that helps.