Shift transfer notes

Hello Dear community :slight_smile:
I have a small question. My NOC team works in shifts, with on call schedules and the works.
Is there a feature in PD that can help summarize what took place during the shift it self?
in the off chance that it was a quiet shift… :slight_smile:


Hi Lior!

Currently, it is not possible to filter activity at a specific shift level, but you could try Team Reports. The minimum time span is 1 day and you can filter by a specific Team and Escalation Policy. The report will show all incidents that were triggered in that time span along with relevant information about them.

I hope it helps!


Luke S.
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support Team

The Team On-Call Handoff Review reports may be of interest:

Many customers also create scripts to pull data out across their services (incidents, alerts) and send over to a Google Doc/Sheet to achieve similar.