Setting Urgency / priority on Cloud Watch Alarms

Some of our alarms come from CloudWatch and are defined by the amount of messages in the Dead Letter Queue. I want to set a low priority (urgency?) alarm on 1 item in the DLQ, and a higher priority alarm if there are more than N items in the DLQ.

Does PagerDuty support this functionality? I’m using the /enqueue endpoint. I didn’t find how to add the urgency to the payload of the request


Urgency is defined by Severity, if you have severity in the payload you can see how they map here. Additionally its worth checking your service settings that they are using ‘severity to control urgency’ settings on the service, you can see more on this here.

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Thank you John!
We create the alarm directly from Cloud Watch. How can I add the severity flag there? :thinking:

It may be easiest for you to create event rules in PagerDuty to inspect the CloudWatch payload and then set the severity field in PagerDuty as needed. Then you’ll be able to use severity based urgency setting on the service to change urgency dynamically based on incoming alert severity value.

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Thank you Doug! I’ll check it

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