Setting up on-call rotation by a group and or team.

I am looking to setup a on-call rotation with groups. I have three teams that need to monitor specific parts of the day.

I’ll give a run down of the times of and how I am hoping to have it look.

From 8am - 11pm
NOC Team -> OPS Weekly On-Call. -> OPS Team

From 11pm - 8am
NOC Group -> India Team -> OPS Weekly On-Call

I am wanting to create a on-call schedule where it would use these groups instead of having to create a escalation policy per user on my OPS team and India team. To where on my schedule it would just show these three teams/groups and where in these groups it would rotate the user properly out in these groups/team.

As it currently stands I have 6 members in the OPS team and 3 members in my India on team and 1 NOC user giving me 10 different escalation policies and then adding those in.

Hi Scott! So you want to have the entire team on-call and notified at the same time when an incident is triggered. Is that correct?

If you would like the teams to have a rotation, you will need to create a schedule and put it on the first level of the escalation policy. A schedule can only have 1 person on-call at a time, however, so you will need to create multiple schedules.