Set Incident Slack Channel - allow preceding pound/hash symbol

From an Incident Page in top bar/show__details element, when I select Slack Channel > Set Channel, the “Select existing Slack channel for this incident” option allows for fuzzy searching of existing channels. However, it does not include the preceding hash # character for the channel name.

From the slack client, the action Right click > Copy > Copy Name copies a channel name including the preceding hash character. Pasting this value into the “Select existing Slack channel for this incident” search returns no results until you manually delete the leading hash.

This isn’t a major inconvenience but it is annoying before you figure out why and seems like it might be a quick fix.

Thanks for the great product :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,

Thank you for pointing that user experience issue out to us!

I wanted to let you know that I will share your feedback with our Product team.

Per our ticketing process, when we receive product feedback from a customer, we will close out the request in our support ticketing system, which automatically creates a new request for our Product team through a separate internal system. From here, this request will be considered by our Product team for future planning and process for design and development.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback regarding this request.


Please note that some clients will insert an &nbsp or other whitespace character between the hash symbol and channel name when copying (incident page of for me at the moment) so excluding these characters as well seems prudent.