Set an End Date for a Schedule Layer

You are able to set a Start Date for a layer, but there’s no way to set an End Date. When you have complex scheduling requirements that are not indefinite, there’s currently no way to prevent a layer from repeating infinitely except via manual overrides.
For example, if we typically have a standard 24x7 weekly rotation, but next week Alice needs to cover mornings while Bob covers afternoons, the layers created to manage those handoffs will repeat to infinity, even though we only intend for this schedule to be in effect for a short period of time.

This would also be helpful for arbitrarily defined schedules - for example, if the on-call engineer is just whichever member is not currently on-site with a client. This isn’t a regular repeating pattern, and there’s currently no way to schedule that except via overrides.


Hi @matthew.davis, I came across this topic can wanted to share with you that it’s possible to set an end-date in a schedule layer. Details are here:

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