ServiceNow Plugin - Using Cases instead of Incidents to trigger

Hello. We are currently looking to integrate PagerDuty with ServiceNow, and would like to look to integrate ServiceNow to trigger on Case creation, instead of Incident creation. We’d like to know if that is possible at all.

Service Now Table references:
Incident: incident
Case: sn_customerservice_case

Hello Kinnon,

I can see that you have raised a support ticket on this too - we will respond directly there as to keep everything in one spot.

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Kinnon - If you’re interested in integrating with ServiceNow CSM (cases), this is possible with extensive customization and is best to be done via a PagerDuty Professional Services engagement. If interested, feel free to reach out directly to your account team and we can have further discussion on your needs.

Thanks Everyone.
looks like the recommended work around would be to have Incidents created when falling under certain case criteria to trigger PagerDuty

Yes the standard ServiceNow CSM <–> ServiceNow ITSM ‘bridge’ is one option, and then our standard ServiceNow ITSM PagerDuty App will work out of the box for ServiceNow Incidents to PagerDuty Incidents.

Don’t hesitate to follow up if you need to!

I am too stuck in same issue. Any resolution of how can we integrate Case: sn_customerservice_case table from servicenow to pagerDuty.
So that on case creation on ServiceNow will reflect in PagerDuty incident creation.

We’re happy to support you with the customizations to our PagerDuty ServiceNow application to enable full ServiceNow CSM and case support with PagerDuty via our Professional Services team. If interested, please contact your PagerDuty Account Manager and reference our chat here.