ServiceNow Integration

Hi, we are looking at a ServiceNow integration, but do not want to raise a S-NOW ticket for every raised incident, I was hoping that I could setup a custom action for an incident and use this to fire off the API request to S-NOW - bit I can’t find any reference to do this…

Can anyone point me in the right direction

having the facility in a play book would be awesome

Thanks in advance

For the PD–>ServiceNow flow, each of your integrated services will have a ServiceNow webhook extension. By default, this is set to automatically synch and create a ServiceNow incident. For each of those ServiceNow webhook extensions, you can change this behavior to “Manual” and it will add a button on the PD Incident for a human to press to synch only that PD Incident and create a ServiceNow incident.

This is ideal when using our Event Intelligence features and having PagerDuty absorb as much as possible in terms of grouping, deduplication, suppression, etc., and then your on-call responder can determine the best ones to send over to ServiceNow as needed.

Let me know if this helps!

Thats fantastic - can we automatically assign resolver groups etc for each Webhook?

Hi Alan,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this!

can we automatically assign resolver groups etc for each Webhook?

Could you elaborate more please when you say automatically assign resolver groups for each webhook? If you can provide more details about the full use-case you have in mind that would be great.

We have this functionality which sounds like it could be exactly what you are looking for, however, please do let us know if this addresses your use-case or not.


Your options will depend on the ServiceNow Mapping approach (Configuration Item + Assignment Group (Recommended) or Assignment Group only) in use.

For example, if using the recommended CI+AG mapping, a SN CI will link up to a PD Technical Service and the SN AG will link up to a PagerDuty Escalation Policy. When a PD incident is created on that service, a SN Incident will be created against that linked CI and it will be assigned to the AG that’s linked to the Escalation Policy that was selected or set on that service.

You can provision and link all of your SN AG’s over to PagerDuty so they’re ready for use when creating PagerDuty Incidents, reassigning incidents or adding additional responders/teams to the incident. Those changes would be reflected in the SN Incident in real-time.