ServiceNow integration issue

I am trying to modify the “PagerDutyInboundCustomScript” script so that I can set the category and subcategory on ServiceNow Incident based on the service from the PagerDuty Incident. However, the PagerDuty import row does not have values in the ServiceName and ServiceID. How can I modify the setup so that I can get these values in ServiceNow ?PagerDuty%20import%20row%20-1

Hi Aniket,

Unfortunately, PagerDuty support cannot advise on customizing the PagerDutyInboundCustomScript script, or any other ServiceNow script. As mentioned in the description of the script: “Changes made to this script are not supported by PagerDuty”.

Sorry, we can’t provide further support on modifying the script.

However, I recommend looking into setting an inbound field rule which allows you to define rules for automatically setting values for fields in the ServiceNow incident based on fields in the data of the webhook from PagerDuty.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above!