Service Tags

According to the API:{entity_type}~1{id}~1change_tags/post

only “users”, “teams”, “escalation_policies” can have tags set on them.

Can we also have to ability to tag services?

Hey Neil,

Thanks for reaching out! We do not currently offer this functionality, but I have relayed this feature request to our Product team. If you can let me know a bit more about your use case and how this feature would help you, I’m happy to pass along your feedback to our product team!

All the best,

I am working on a project that will automate on-call pay submissions to WorkDay. Not all PagerDuty services are eligible for this on-call pay. So I would like to be able to determine using a tag if a service is eligible.


Thanks for the feedback, Neil! We’ve taken note of your use case as we relay this to our Product team. Feel free to reach out to us in if you have any questions or need assistance with anything else!

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