Sending notes to incident as service through API

Hello :wave:
We are working towards integrating our custom incident communication channel workflow with pagerduty.
Currently we are triggering communication channel creation through API incident note events, and would like to return response to user that the channel has been created, but returning it as a requested user looks weird.
Is it possible to send notes to incident as a service? Or the service that’s handling these requests needs to have a separate user account?
Hope I explained clearly what we are trying to achieve :slight_smile:

Hi Justas!

At this time, our /incidents/{id}/notes endpoint does require association to a user for who left the note.

We do have the option to run response plays that can run automatically on a service using the user assigned to the incident as submitting the responder request message or using the REST API /response_plays/{response_play_id}/run endpoint which will require a user ID in the request.

We’re also happy to submit a feature request if you don’t mind sharing the workflow you’re hoping to complete by adding a note in the incident.