See your services’ recent changes in PagerDuty: Early Access program

We know that 80% of disruptions are caused by change. What if you could see the most recent changes to your services, right inline with the incident you were just notified about?

Seeing recent changes in PagerDuty accelerates triage and reduces adverse customer impact. Even with code freezes and change management processes, some changes still cause incidents; the more awareness your responders have about those changes, the more quickly they can narrow down potential contributing factors and resolve the problem.

You can now connect your code repositories (GitHub), observability platforms (LightStep), automated workflows (Relay by Puppet), and configuration management systems (Evolven) to PagerDuty to send in relevant changes. You can also use the PagerDuty API to connect any tool in your ecosystem and create change events. These events do not create incidents or notifications. They are informational and viewed in context of the following:

  • an incident What changed in the last 24 hours?
  • a service What changed in the last 30 days on this service?
  • across all of the services in your infrastructure What changed on any service lately?

Read more about Change Events in PagerDuty here.

The beta period for these new capabilities is open now; become an early adopter by signing up today.

What’s New?

  • Deliver faster without compromising reliability, security and stability by creating awareness of small changes, shipped frequently
  • Reduce impact of change by bringing changes closer to where incident triage and resolution happens
  • Discover contributing factors by reviewing changes on your services and across your dependencies
  • Prepare for on-call with recent changes to code, infrastructure, or configuration in context of previous incidents

If you’d like to opt-in to early access, use this form.