See What's New in PagerDuty from our June Product Updates

Learn more about our June product updates here: What’s New: PagerDuty Fits the Way You Work, Where You Are, and With the Tools You Love!

Here’s a summary of what we released:

* Mobile App Lock
* Enable PIN locks and shorten sessions without logging into the app
* Admins can set session timeouts that requie users to be prompted for a PIN or biometric unlock

  • Updated Menu for Incident Actions
    • Take key actions on incidents quickly for faster resolution and less downtime of critical services

Developer Platform & APIs
* App Event Transformers
* Learn how to quickly create your own integration and deploy it across your PagerDuty account for all teams
* Convert a webhook payload sent to PagerDuty in the Events APIv2 Common Event Format
* Learn more about how to use event transformers in PagerDuty apps.

 * Analytics API (Early Access)
      * Participate in the early access program
      * View raw incident data and associated metrics
 * Business Services API
      * Define business services for teams and create private business services with the Business Services API or Terraform provider
      * [Business Services API Demo](

* PagerDuty Jira Server and Data Center Integration
* PagerDuty + Jira Server and Data Center Integration How-To video
* Do More and Work Where You Are With Our New Integration for Jira Server and Data Center blog