Search services by integration key

Recently I needed to find a integration key in the list of PagerDuty services to update it. I couldn’t find a way to search for the key in the UI, so I needed to look through each service until I found it.

The ability to search services for a given integration key would be convenient.

HI Svend,

Thanks for reaching out! If you switch back to the old Services view (see this option at the top of the Services Directory page), and you will be able to search by Integration key there. I will pass along your feedback however that this is something you’d like to see on the Services Directory page too.


Search by Integration Key

The Service Directory allows you to search by integration key, returning a list of services that have a matching key. To search by integration key, you’ll need to prepend your search with key: , for example key:INTEGRATION-KEY-HERE

If it returns no service-directories then clearing filters should do the job.

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