SCOM 2019 Integration

Just had a question regarding the existing SCOM integration.
Does PagerDuty support Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) 2019?

Cheers, Jason.

Hi Jason,

Check out the link below to the most up to date SCOM guide - let us know if youve questions



I have a couple of questions around this topic. We currently have SCOM 2012 and 2019 - I notice that there is now a PagerDuty Integration using System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH) runbooks which is compatible with SCOM 2016. So my questions are:

SCOM 2012 - would we still have to use the Email Integration?
SCOM 2019 - is there an Integration for this yet?

Many thanks

Hi Christopher,

For SCOM 2012, you would still need to use the SCOM email integration guide.

For SCOM 2019, we have found that users can utilize the SCOM 2016 integration in their 2019 environment though the UI might appear different.

We’ll also submit a feature request with your interest in an updated SCOM 2019 integration with our Product team.

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Many customers have used a Powershell based integration with SCOM to get things out of email and directly to our Event API v2 and rulesets. Let me know if you’d like to explore this.


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