Scheduling alerts (very new to PD)

Hello all,
up front I am VERY new to PD, so some of this will be obvious to people with more experience.

I have a boatload of alerts all pushed from Grafana. Apparently previously (I just got told im in charge of this system…) there was a grafana alert that would page every few minutes all night because in essence the volume it is meant to alert on was not there at night…So if i fix the grafana alert PD blows up.

So, how do i find where to set up a schedule for it, either an active or exclusion schedule. I want it to NOT push alerts from 2200 - 0700 Central time.
How do I go about doing this? As I feel like I have been going in circles for an hour.

Thanks for the help in advanced all!

Hey Dave!

Many options here, the quickest might be to create an event rule that suppresses the alerts during the desired timeframe if you don’t care about the alerts at all during that window. This can be done in a ruleset event rule or in a service event rule. If you use the UI, it’d be two rules, one for 2200-0000 and another for 0000-0700, or you can use the API to create one rule covering the entire window.

OK, thanks, that is basically what I am wanting to do, I am just not sure how\where to do it in PagerDuty. That is the problem, the UI seems to go in circles, so that is what I am trying to figure out, where to go in the UI to find it.
Heck, I am looking at the alerts in the history and I cant find them anywhere else but the history or alerts so I cant configure them.

Here’s a couple of screenshots that may help. I’m assuming you’ve directly integrated Grafana into a PagerDuty Service.

Navigate to the service, then settings and Event Rules:

Create two event rules that will match the events you want to suppress. This is done by creating conditions that will look at incoming event fields. You’ll need two rules when setting up via the GUI as shown.

Give it a try!