schedule for alert queuing

Use case: Remote sites that are closed from 7pm until 6am. We do not want the on-call person to get an alert if one of these sites goes down over night. We do not have access to fix anything. There needs to be a way to Queue the alert until the schedule time expires in the morning and then release the alert to the on-call person. It should also resolve if the site comes back up before the schedule expires.

Hi @whiskey, it sounds like the best option for you here would be to use our Defined Support Hours feature. This allows you to configure your service to trigger a high urgency incident during support hours and a low urgency incident otherwise. You also have the option of having incidents raise to high urgency once support hours begin. This way alerts that come in overnight would not call the on-call responders until your support hours begin.

You can set this up by editing the service. Under the How should responders be notified? dropdown, select Use defined support hours....

Each user can then configure how they would like to be notified for high and low urgency incidents in the notification rules tab of their user profile.