Scaling your infrastructure with Terraform - lessons learned and roundtable discussion - May 28 at 9am PDt/12pm EDT

As infrastructure stacks grow increasingly more complex and involve an ever-growing number of services and systems, teams have looked to abstract configuration to its own layer of code. This concept of configuring infrastructure as code is gaining traction throughout the industry for a variety of reasons.

Tools such as Terraform from HashiCorp have emerged as one of the leading ways to declaratively configure technology stacks. With benefits like saving significant time, keeping settings consistent, reducing the chance of introducing errors, and mitigating deviations between deployments, engineers can focus on building rather than configuring.

Join us to hear from Scott McAllister, Developer Advocate at PagerDuty, and Tyler Fitch, SRE at Adobe Stock to learn about the state of the PagerDuty Terraform provider, time-saving and scalable things you can do with it, and how Tyler efficiently up-leveled his teamโ€™s configuration.

Join us on May 28 to be part of the conversation: