Route an Event to a Service Using Service Name from Event Message

We have several dozen services. Developers can create new services on demand. We use SolarWinds to monitor these services. SolarWinds triggers an event in PagerDuty when a service is down. We have a single alert in SolarWinds that sends events to a global ruleset in PagerDuty. The name of the PagerDuty service is part of the event.

Is it possible to create a rule that routes an event to a service dynamically, using the service name in the event message?

Hello Aaron,

Yes, you should be able to do this with with ‘match these conditions’ fields within our Rulesets config

Have you had a chance to test it out?


Unfortunately, we don’t have “content-based event routing” capability today that could dynamically know the correct service to send to. You would need one rule per service to match the content of your event payload field and route to the correct service.

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