Round Robin and Out of Office/Vacation/Unavailable

We’re giving the Round Robin feature a go for the first time in PagerDuty. I have set up an escalation policy and added the users I would like to be included in the round robin.

Let’s say one of those people have vacation time coming up. Of course, we don’t want to bother than while they’re out of the office. Outside of removing the user temporarily from the escalation policy, is there a way for PagerDuty to know they’re unavailable and to skip them in the rotation?

Hello Travis,

At this time, there is no way for PagerDuty to know if a particular user is on Vacation and so skip then during a rotation. That said, I will be raising this as a Feature request with the Product Team.

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My 2 cents.
Note it may also be useful without using the Round Robin feature.
For example the feature request could be: As a user, I can declare my vacation on a period and tell who can manage my on-call shifts on that period.
Then PagerDuty automatically lists my shifts on the period, and create the according overrides.

Option: I don’t provide who replaces me. And PagerDuty use the last/next user in the rotation to set the overrides.


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Hi Sébastien,

Thank you for sharing those details! I have created a feature request with our product team to let them know of your feedback.

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Adding my +1 for the feature request to handle out of office using Round Robin or layers (if the only person in the layer is out of offie allow PagerDuty to override with “Empty”, so it escalates immediately.). Thank you!