Response plays ability to send requests to url endpoint

In our current process every time we are having a major incident, we are running a response play.
On top with every play we are also running a specific custom action, to trigger communication channels creation.
Since these two actions are always done in succession, is it possible to attach this custom action or url endpoint to a response play?

Hi Justas,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the PagerDuty Community forums! I’m happy to answer this question for you.

While it is currently not possible to run a custom action via a response play, you can use event rules to run a custom action that triggers automatically at the time of an incident’s creation. You can read more about using Automated Triggers in our Knowledge Base here.

I hope this suggestion helps! Please let me know if you have any questions about the above.


Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support

No it does not.
In our case, it’s a very sensitive process, that can’t have automated triggers, since we don’t want to end up with multiple channels for re-occurring alerts.
I guess this is another thread for feature request :slight_smile:
Regardless, thank you!

Hello Justas,

The Feature Request has been logged with the Product Team.

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