Response Play event cannot be read

Hello, I am able to run a response play through API. But is there any way I can read a response play event when it is triggered. Is there any API for that? If not, then any other way I can do this?


I have not got a reply on this issue yet. If anyone can look into it, please.
Thank you.

Hi Khyati,

Thanks for your question! I’m happy to help.

Can you clarify your question for me? Are you asking if it’s possible to read an Incident Log Entry via API indicating that Response Play has been run against the given incident? If that’s the basis of your question, then the answer is yes, you can read all Log Entries for a given incident, but there some limitations here. Notably, the API doesn’t support searching for a specific Log Entry. Here is some documentation for more context:

Is your question more about whether there are webhooks for Response Plays, so that another application be instantly informed once a given Response Play is triggered? In this case, this type of webhook is unavailable currently. This is an enhancement we plan to make, but we don’t have a specific timeline in place.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have follow up questions!

Thank you,