Response Play - Enable Config for "Cannot be used if already in-progress"

We would like to use response plays to “Reserve” a phone bridge that we maintain

  • This is done through another app
  • Yet in order to move ops into Pager Duty, this would be ideal

Within Response Plays, can you allow a check box to set the functionality that would match this tool tip?

  • “Check this box if you want this response play to not be run again if it is already in-use”
  • “Once the Associated Incident is Resolved, this Response Play can be run again”

User would see the list of Response Plays:


Hello David,

Currently that is not an option with Response Plays. However, I am happy to raise this with the Product Team.

But it will help to understand the problem you are looking to solve with such feature? It will be helpful if you can elaborate a bit.


Problem I am looking to solve:

We have 10 web ex lines that are reserved to be used for Incident triage
a home grown app helps us ( we would like to move away from the home grown app)

  • list the numbers

  • sets aside or reserves a line when an incident is declared

  • releases back the line when incident is closed (to make it available for the next incident)

I was hoping that Response plays could handle this use-case

Hi David,

Thanks for providing some context around your use case.

I have submitted a feature request for this added Response Play feature with our product team on your behalf.