Report of all Teams that need to update Schedule and/or Escalation Policies?

Is there a way to pull a report that lists all Teams and includes if they need to Replace Inactive Users within Schedules and/or Escalation Policies?

I’ve been tasked with notifying all teams within my organization that have broken schedules and escalation policies. With over 3,800 teams I would love a spreadsheet to work off of rather than opening each team individually within the web browser to check their settings.

Team User Page:

Team Schedules:

Team Escalation Policies:

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Are you comfortable scripting and using our REST API?

You may also use:
NB: As mentioned in this repo, it’s not a PagerDuty supported tool … but it works quite well.

I didn’t check if it fits your use case. But it helps to do many actions as from the UI/API and it’s easy for bash/zsh scripting.