Reference values from incident created by Events API into "Custom Incident Actions" button action?

For background context of the setup, we have BigPanda integration so that any new alert will result in a new PagerDuty Incident.

However, I am looking to see if there is a way to configure a custom button that will help us POST to BigPanda, so that the new BigPanda alert will be assigned to the responder that acknowledges the PagerDuty incident page.

I can see that the BigPanda alert ID is included in the PagerDuty incident page raw message (Events API), but was unsure if this can be referenced into the “Custom Incident Actions” button URL endpoint.



Thanks for reaching out on our community space! Tthe custom incident actions button uses a webhook and the endpoints for BigPanda docs utilise the REST API, so unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to create a custom button for this purpose.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

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You can certainly do this, but it will require processing in the middle (eg AWS Lambda, PagerDuty Process/Runboko Automation) or within BigPanda to interact with PagerDuty and/or BigPanda APIs to achieve the assignment desired.

Thanks for the response.
Do you have any example that utilises PagerDuty Process / Runbook Automation that interacts with BigPanda API?
I would like to see if there is any way to get something crafted without an external middleware (e.g. AWS Lamdba) first.

Edit: I see that “Custom Incident Actions” is listed as an output under the “Extensions and Add-Ons” of the target service. Does this mean that it can be used to reference payload values to craft a dynamic API endpoint request from the PagerDuty service to BigPanda?

Do you currently own/use Process/Runbook Automation from PagerDuty? (this is a separate product and not part of the core PagerDuty product)

Custom Incident Actions send a fixed webhook payload to a fixed endpoint.

Those functions are available to use, though we have not tapped into it.
For the most part, we are mainly using PagerDuty for paging out to the staff, and getting them online for something urgent.