Receiving nginx errors with an html body when creating notes on incidents


We’re seeing some elevated errors in our logs today starting around 10:40AM EST.

When attempted to add notes to incidents, we’re occasionally seeing errors like the following:

<head><title>400 Request Header Or Cookie Too Large</title></head>
<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>
<center>Request Header Or Cookie Too Large</center>

The error, while clear in what it’s unhappy about, is a bit confusing because A: We see this sporadically, not consistently and B: As of now, I’m unable to determine anything different between the requests outside of the content of the message body itself - and nginx is complaining about header/cookie length, not body.

Additionally, nothing in the API Docs specifies a limit on note length, further confusing me as to the root of this issue.{id}~1notes/post

Any help would be beneficial

Thank you!

Hi Sean! Can you please reach out to us at so we can help troubleshoot? We would like to ask a few questions regarding your API requests and account so we can efficiently look into our logs. Thanks!

Hey Nadine!

I’ll put together some information on the issue and reach out monday.

I may have solved the issue for now (still monitoring) by altering the content of the message we’re posting.

This particular issue is not a critical one for us, so I’m going to collect date over the weekend to understand if our fix resolved it prior to reaching out with more info.

Thank you!