Question: Can freshdesk integration be used in reverse? Pagerduty creates incidents inside freshdesk.

I misread the integration logic originally for freshdesk, I was hoping that pagerduty could create incidents inside freshdesk when a alert triggers.

So for example, we have the following services feeding alerts into Pagerduty.

AWS CloudWatch
Kibana Watch



I was curious if Pagerduty could then fire a request into Freshdesk, is this possible?

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for reaching out!

FreshWorks has a page with instructions on their integration, but it appears to be only partly bidirectional. Incidents must start in FreshDesk, but will sync up with PagerDuty status-wise afterwards. You can read more at their page here.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist