Quarterly Terraform Roundtable - Oct 26

Join us to hear from industry peers and share your own experiences regarding best practices, learnings, and things to consider when deciding to migrate to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and PagerDuty.

Some of the questions we aim to answer include:

  • Why did you/your company decide to use Terraform to manage PagerDuty?
  • What PagerDuty resources are you managing with Terraform and which are you not and why?
  • What are questions users should ask themselves when deciding to move forward with leveraging Terraform to manage PagerDuty?
  • What have you learned since you’ve started leveraging Terraform with PagerDuty?
  • How do you organize your infrastructure code in relation to your application code?

I’m a Developer Advocate here at PagerDuty as well as the PagerDuty Terraform Provider Maintainer. I’ll be sharing some new features of the provider and moderating the open floor conversation. Come join us! Register at the link below.