Q&A Follow-up with Rachel Parrott's talk on Diversity and Inclusion

Hi All, Rachel will be joining us to followup on any questions on her talk about Diversity and Inclusion from PagerDuty Summit. @rachel.parrott.she.her

Question: I wonder if we realize someone is being activated, what can we do in that moment to soothe an active amygdala? @rachel.parrott.she.her

Question: How do you and your team think about emerging and new studies that could influence diversity and inclusion policies at your organization? @rachel.parrott.she.her

Question: What suggestions do you have to have people feel inclusion where there is a hierchy of power and education? We have a team where we have high school educated up to physician with multiple education. In addition we are remotely communication and 1/3 of the group English is not a main language @rachel.parrott.she.her

Question: When we come back to office, how to handle people speaking “other” languages in common areas? @rachel.parrot.she.her