Public API

A few 3rd party vendors we do business with, have created a public facing status page using PagerDuty.
Now i’m looking into integrating these statuspages into our monitoring software to centralise all status pages in 1 single view, but unfortunatly, i can’t seem to find any public api (without authorization) to get the information from the Statuspage.
Hund, SorryApp and AtlassianStatuspage all have a public API you can use to read the current status page for your vendor but i can’t seem to find anything like this for Pagerduty. Is something like this even available?

Hi Chris! APIs for the Status Page features is on the roadmap. We don’t have release dates yet but it is coming. :crossed_fingers:

Sorry to hear that. without pinning you on a specific date, do you have any idea in which timeframe we are speaking about to expect any news about this public API. is it about 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, a year? or is it something that hasn’t been determined yet?.

In the meantime i will parse the page like this using powershell to atleast get some data i can work with:

$StatusPage = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $StatusPageURI
$StatusJSON = ConvertFrom-JSON -InputObject ($StatusPage.ParsedHtml.getElementById('data').text)
$StatusText = $StatusJSON.layout.layout_settings.statusPage.globalStatusHeadline