Propagation of Teams from Okta integration

Okta integration with PagerDuty at present only, creates/updates users (auto-provisions users on first login) with the SAML 2.0 sign-on method. We would like to pass an attribute which holds a list of which teams the user belongs to, so that PagerDuty can create/update teams (auto-provision teams) and maintain the relationship(s). Could this be accomplished from the Okta PagerDuty integration in the near future? Or is there another method we could use to accomplish this?

Hi Robert!

The integration does not currently map the team field when provisioning a user in PagerDuty. I would definitely recommend sharing your Feature Request with the Okta team as the integration is currently maintained by Okta.

We do have REST API endpoints to add users to teams as well as updating users if updating the team using the web UI is not ideal.