Process Automation and Rundeck version 4.5.0 is live!

Process Automation and Rundeck version 4.5.0 is live! Check out the highlights:

  • New Sumo Logic Job Step Plugins: Now Sumo Logic users can automate operational tasks - such as retrieving logs for incident diagnostics - by integrating with a Sumo Logic instance.

  • New ECS Node Executor Plugin: Users can now run commands across multiple ECS containers in a single Job Step or from the Commands tab. This makes it easier to accomplish tasks such as retrieving time-critical diagnostics during an incident before containers are redeployed.

  • Changing default SCM SSH authentication to SSHJ: The SCM integration now uses SSHJ for SSH authentication by default (previously JSCH). GitHub has tightened up their SSH key requirements and now requires SSH-RSA 2 keys. The new default for ssh-keygen via OpenSSH is not supported by JSCH.

Read full release notes for other updates.

Join the Process Automation Product Managers on PagerDuty Twitch 8/16 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET to hear more about this release.