Postmortem Tips and Tricks

I would love to hear from you, the community, on your thoughts on effective postmortems! Here are a few topics to start the discussion:

  • What are the biggest hindrances to a blameless culture and how do you overcome them?
  • How do you spread blameless culture throughout the organization?
  • Who in your organization is responsible for completing the postmortem? Why them? Do they collaborate with anyone else? Who else might need to be involved to help the organization learn from failure?
  • How do you diffuse awkward postmortem meeting discussions?
  • What is the primary audience for the postmortem? Why share it widely or keep it close?
  • How quickly do you complete postmortems after incidents? How might you have a faster turnaround to maximize learning?
  • Do postmortem action items get done? How do you encourage accountability so you’re making improvements based on learnings?
  • What should be on the postmortem timeline? How do you decide where the timeline starts?
  • How do your customers respond to your external postmortems? How can you keep customers happy when talking about failure?
  • How is a postmortem meeting different from a retrospective? How would you run those meetings differently?
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