pdpyras support of Python 3.8

Hi there,

While browsing available Python client libraries for PD for Events-API at https://v2.developer.pagerduty.com/docs/libraries, we learned that pdpyras is the one most actively maintained by PagerDuty.

We would like to know if there is any support envisioned for Python 3.8 in the close future on the roadmap? I couldn’t find this information searching GitHub Issues at https://github.com/PagerDuty/pdpyras/issues, and not even sure if PD team supporting this library uses GitHub for tickets tracking purposes.

We would like to know about support for Python 3.8 as we are making big shifts on our AWS workloads to use 3.8 pretty much everywhere in AWS Lambda, in AWS EC2 AMIs as system version of Python etc.

I would appreciate if anyone in this community could point us in the right direction .

Thank you,

Amer Zec

Hi @azec,

It currently supports 3.8 unofficially, and it can be installed from PyPI in 3.8, because there’s no implicit restriction (defined in python_requires) on the highest supported Python version.

The same goes for its main dependency, requests. As of this writing/the latest commit there’s no explicit restriction on Python ≥3.8 in requests either, and so it unofficially supports 3.8 as well.

What I mean for “official” support is CI testing for that version. In other words, we don’t run unit tests for pull requests automatically in a 3.8 environment yet, and the same goes for requests. It wouldn’t be hard to add, I imagine, for pdpyras at least, but I still would hesitate to call it “official” support until this is addressed for requests.

Note, pdpyras is essentially an extension/implementation of requests.Session, a core component of requests, and so would be affected by any snags that it hits in 3.8 would also affect pdpyras.

For what it’s worth, I tried running the unit tests for pdpyras in a local 3.8.1 environment installed via ASDF-VM and all the tests passed.

I could try proposing this upstream so we can make it official, although it will be at discretion of the community that maintains requests that they add it (i.e. because it might incur additional cost to the maintainers of the project to add a new test environment).

Addendum: from the looks of it (I just checked) a few organizations are already using it in Python 3.8

Addendum 2: pdpyras now supports Python 3.8! CircleCI tests are run in 3.8 and they all check out.