PD trigger in Private Slack channels

We have found that the ability to use the /pd trigger command in both public and private channels a double edged sword.
Although I can see the benefits we are receiving some feedback that the trigger command ‘did not work’ as the command was run from a private channel or direct message and they did not receive a response confirming the incident was created.

We hope to tackle this through education however I wondered if:
A) Anyone else had experienced this feedback and how they dealt with it
B) If there was a case for at least having the option to restrict the use of the trigger command to public channels (as it seems the oncall command is).

Hello George,

When you say it “did not work” was there no response at all or did you see errors? Two things to check, is the Pagerduty bot “@pagerduty” part of the Private channel? Additionally, are the users trigger the Incidents also Pagerduty Users? As both need to be true for the extension to work.


Hi John,
I should have clarified - the incident was being created however as it was triggered from a private channel they were not receiving the confirmation slack message leading to doubt that it was created. This doubt has resulted in duplicate incidents being raised and unnecessary ad-hoc escalations to individuals.

So expected behavior by the integration I believe which led me to ask for recommendations on how this could be tackled in a soft way (behavioral, education etc) and technical (by limiting ability to use trigger in public channels)

Hi George,

Thanks for your clarification. It may be worth raising this with the support team directly rather than a public facing channel, with some screenshots/example to see so we can investigate further and make sure it is expected/not bug behaviour.