PD Community: search my own messages not work


Hope it’s the right place for an issue on this community website.

I want to find all of my contributions (topics I created or commented). I used the search feature, and try to add my name in the “Posted by” field. Autocompletion help me, I selected it then the field was: @sĂ©bastien.de.nef

But there is no result. Be sure I already posted. :wink:


Hello Sebastian,

There should be an activity section on your profile on Community (top right) to let you know what you have bene up to, does this display the information you are looking for?

Alternatively, the Community tickets should also display in your Support ticket login. To get a support ticket system login, just go to tickets.pagerduty.com, click on “My Tickets”, and click on “Get a password” or “Forgot my password”.


Hello John,

The profile’s activity seems limited to 10 entries (created topics, replies, badges, 
). It’s not enough and I’m not able to find all my contributions this way.

In the support ticket part, I can’t find feature request topics like: https://community.pagerduty.com/forum/t/improve-ux-of-time-scheduling-over-the-features-which-use-it/2454

Any other way to find all the topics I created?


Hi Sebastien,

It seems that the issue you are running into is because you have two different usernames. While there is only one account for you, it appears the username changed.
This link will provide your other posts.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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Thanks Alexa, it works well.