PD and Salesforce

I followed the instruction on this website : https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/salesforce-service-cloud-integration-guide

I added an event rule for testing that if I send an email coming from my email, it will routesit to my Pagerduty Services extension with Salesforce.

On Salesforce, nothing… no ticket created.

Everything in the guide was done and showing me green dot on salesforce but nothing in the logs anywhere… if anyone can help me…

EDIT: if I may add… When I sent an email to my event rules and it route it to the services attached to salesforce extension, I do get the notification so the event rule do work properly, it’s the extension integration and salesforce that doesnt work.

HI Martin,

I can see you created a duplicate support ticket for this and as the information I asked for is sensitive, I will close this Community ticket to avoid personal information being posted in a public page.