Pattern to delay escalation of incident dynamically

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Is there a way to delay the escalation of an incident until support hours begin. While there is support for dynamic notifications, this simply changes the urgency of a created incident, but doesn’t prevent escalation.

Here’s the motivation for this. If a team agrees that low urgency incidents should not be triaged outside of support hours then when low urgency incidents are received during the night time, they will escalate all the way up the chain of command simply because no one is going to address them until support hours. As a result, because incidents automatically escalate, those at the top of the chain of command will be spammed with incidents that aren’t actually urgent or overlooked. Instead, it is desired that the incident stays assigned to the first level of the escalation policy until support hours begin, at which point the normal escalation procedure then begins as normal.

I recognize a rule could be created that delays incident creation, but this can only be done with a fixed delay. For the purposes mentioned, the delay needs to be dynamic based on when support hours begin.

I’d appreciate any guidance thanks!

Low urgency incidents should not be escalating at all by design.

Oh so if something is low urgency it will only ever get automatically assigned to and notify the first level of the escalation policy an no one else?

Correct! The best practice would typically be to set “severity-based urgency” based on your incoming events/alerts so the ones that need immediate attention would be high urgency and escalate, and the ones that don’t would be low urgency and not escalate. See more here:

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