PagerDuty's application for Microsoft Teams

Early Access is Closed.
Thanks to everyone that participated in Early Access program. PagerDuty’s Application for Teams will be available via the marketplace app store the week of May 18th. Please look out for another Community Post with more details

HI! :wave: I’m Mya, one of the product managers here at PagerDuty, and I would like to personally invite you to participate in the Microsoft Teams early access program. This program is open to all current PagerDuty customers on all price plans.

PagerDuty for Microsoft Teams allows users to drive real-time operations, collaborate with one another, and perform PagerDuty incident actions like trigger, view, acknowledge, and resolve directly in Teams.

Integration Features

  • Create bidirectional integration between PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams
  • Quickly view pertinent incident details for faster resolution
  • Acknowledge, Resolve, and Add Note buttons that respect user permissions
  • Empower users to easily raise incidents through a bot command

Participation Requirements

  • A PagerDuty Admin or Account Owner account to complete authorization
  • Ability to download and install an application into Microsoft Teams.
  • Participate in product surveys or interviews

If you would like to participate in the early access program, please direct message me with your email.

April 27, 2020 Update:
Signing Beta Agreement is no longer required to participate.

Thank you!

Hello Mya,
sound interesting.
would be interested in this.
how do we contact you?

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Thanks! I’ll be in contact shortly.

Hello! If you send me your email, I can reach out and send you more details.

Count me in -

Thanks! I’ll be in contact shortly.

thanks, but not putting my email out in a public forum…looks like i will just wait then till the feature is fleshed out and in production.
good luck with the rollout!
please keep the update coming.

Hi Mya, we are very interested in this! Somewhat embarrassingly, I cannot figure out how to direct message you on the community forums… How do we do that?

Hi! Just sent you a direct message. Feel free to respond there with your email.

Aw Ok. No worries. I did send you a private direct message. If you feel comfortable, you can reply with your email there.

Hi Mya,
i’m interested in this. how do i contact you?

Hello! Just sent you a private direct message. Feel free to send me your email there and I’ll reach out shortly with more details.

Hi Mya,

This is something that we would consider using but we would need to see a demo first and we would like to understand what it takes to set up this integration.


Troy Patterson | ServiceNow Administrator

3660 Victoria Street N. | Shoreview, MN 55126


Hi Mya

We are a very big Teams user and have been waiting for 12 months for this integration!

Please send through the Beta Agreement and I can compete.



Yes please!

I would be interested in the early access program for the Microsoft Teams integration. We used the Slack integration with PagerDuty for several months, but switched to Teams in January. We’d very much like to see the improvement in the integration with Teams.

Thanks Mya!

Send info to

Yes please.

I would love to participate!

Joshua White