PagerDuty Webhooks v3

Good Afternoon,

I’m currently working on a new integration between ServiceNow and PagerDuty thats making use of Webhooks v3.

The webhooks are triggering pretty well i.e. incident.triggered and I am able to process the payload successfully.

As part of the Scripted Rest API it can also send a response back, I can’t seem to find any documentation on this if PagerDuty is able to receive the response and process it? i.e. incident was successfully created in ServiceNow or Updated etc

SNow Docs:

Any information and I would be grateful

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You’ll want to look at the PagerDuty REST script include file for examples you can copy over or call from your custom script includes. You’ll need to use these and build the payload formats in accordance with what PagerDuty expects for the REST API and /incidents endpoint.

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