PagerDuty Version Upgrade

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we have PagerDuty integrated into ServiceNow for purely paging purposes. our PD version is a bit outdated (V4.0), and would like to upgrade to the latest version (V. 7.5) in order to get support from both PagerDuty and ServiceNow. Would like to know how painful is the upgrade process when jumping this many versions. If anyone has gone through version upgrades, we would love to hear your experience.


Hey John!

The amount of pain depends on whether or not you’ve made any customizations to any of the ServiceNow PagerDuty application components (eg business rules, the script includes, etc). If you’ve made a lot of customizations, you’ll need to rationalize the need for those going forward. If you haven’t made any customizations, your upgrade should be pretty straightforward.

If you find a file you’ve customized, you’ll want to export a copy of that and keep it as a backup, then revert that file back to the store OOTB version. This will ensure a smoother upgrade process with minimal skipped items.

Whichever path you take, it’s critical to review the upgrade log and all skipped items, especially the priority 1/2 items. DO NOT JUST IGNORE THEM AND KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE TODAY FROM v4. There are a lot of updates since v4.0 and you’ll need to really review why the items were skipped and rationalize if you need the customizations or changes going forward into v7.5. If you don’t know how to proceed, take the v7.5 version and make adjustments later if needed.

We’re here to help if you need us!

Hi John,

In addition to Doug’s response above, you might also find Tips for Upgrading section of this thread helpful:

Thanks Doug for the reply! We kept the integration pretty close to out of box. We only made 2 changes, deactivated the “PD Copy worknote to PagerDuty incident” business rule and we added an additional filter condition to the PD Trigger PagerDuty Incident business rule (Assigned to is empty). Would those be considered customization and would need to revert back before proceed with upgrade?


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Hi John,

Yes, those would be considered customizations. You would need to revert any customizations before upgrading. Any files that have been detected as changed would not be patched in the upgrade. You can re-apply those customizations once the upgrade is complete.


Abbott Brannon
Technical Support Specialist