PagerDuty ServiceNow BI-Directional functionality

We are trying to integrate ServiceNow with PagerDuty. Regarding the following two points from the documentation:

  • Third party monitoring tool integrations detect an issue and trigger an incident in PagerDuty. Users receive notifications from PagerDuty and they can acknowledge/resolve via PagerDuty. A ServiceNow ticket is opened when a PagerDuty incident is triggered and above actions are kept in sync for the lifecycle of the incident.

  • A ticket is filed in ServiceNow, which automatically triggers an incident in PagerDuty and notifies the user. The user takes ownership via PagerDuty, and above actions from PagerDuty are kept in sync with ServiceNow.

Can we use both of the functionality described above? Here is our use case:

Support user for application abc123 calls in to our servicedesk and request to create an incident for application abc123. Application abc123’s ServiceNow queue is “OPS abc123”. If we have integrated and used a service with in PagerDuty with an attached notification, will this ServiceNow incident propagate back to PagerDuty?

Thank you!


Marc - yes, we support both use cases (monitoring/email/other --> PD <–> SNow and monitoring/email/portal/request --> SNow <–> PD) at the same time by default. If you integrate with Slack or MS Teams you can also go from that <–> PD <–> SNow end to end out of the box.